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Disclosure of infidelity, private investigation

There is almost no one who hasn’t encountered this concept before. Regardless of age, gender, gender identity and social rank it can occur anywhere and anytime. However, you shouldn’t feel alone in this situation. With the help of our office and our staff you can make sure that your fears are justified or you can find reassurance that they are groundless.

The digital world covers a significant part of our lives. In the recent years various platforms have appeared along with a huge amount of information that is available online, giving the opportunity to get to know each other and to communicate, resulting in relationship problems (messages with sexual content). Infidelity is generally condemned in society and has a stigmatizing effect – especially if the cheating took place within a marriage, even in the presence of children. The unfaithful party can become a victim of malice and condemnation in the eyes of family and friends, while the betrayed party becomes a victim. It is a sad fact that infidelity can take place even in happy relationships.

In all cases we start these assignments with operative monitoring, we document the events and prepare a report for our clients. If this crisis also arises in your life, please feel free to contact us.

Child protection and supervision

We can safely say that our children belong to the generation of the digital era, the Internet, the social network system and the daily use of all kinds of mobile systems are in their blood. Their existence depends on the flow of information and the stimulus rich environment, they don’t make a difference between online and offline experiences. There is no need to explain the dangers of this.

Another big problem is if our child gets into bad company and we are not aware of it.

This is why we developed special child control and monitoring. (KIDS Controll) about which we can provide precise information during a personal meeting.

Business affairs

Operational surveillance

Environmental studies

Financial background check